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ஜனவரி 22, 2012

School head Master arrested for Child Abuse

 | January 22, 2012

By: Rachit Mehrotra, Special Correspondent


Bangalore: The head master of premier school inBangalorehas been arrested for child abuse, this has happened on the account of complaint logged by the parents of the child.

This is the same school which was in the news for asking students to add their teach her on facebook.

Paul Meekin said, “We don’t want to intentionally interfere with their lives but the point is they are children and they tend to make mistakes and while we won’t be monitoring what they’re saying 24/7, we do want to keep track of what they are doing online.”

B Dayananda, Joint Commissioner,BangaloreEast, said, “Police complain have been registered against the principal. He was arrested and sent to judicial custody.”

TrioWorldSchoolsaid it is appalled by the turn of events. In fact, in a written statement the school said. “The management will not tolerate any such issues even if it is a mere allegation and would not spare any effort to get to the bottom of the truth and to ensure to uphold the high standards maintained by the institution.”

“We are deeply shocked and saddened to state an unfortunate issue wherein on Friday, 20th January 2012; a parent approached the school administration with a complaint that the headmaster, Dr Paul Meekins, was allegedly having inappropriate chatting session with the pupil. Immediately the management convened an emergency meeting and decided to suspend him from his current responsibilities forthwith pending investigation not withstanding his past laurels. Thereafter, a police investigation was initiated and we have extended full cooperation to the police authorities,” it said.

Dr.Paul Meekin has joined Trio World School as Headmaster in the Summer Term, of 2010.

Dr.Paul Meekin, who is from England, joins Trio World School from the Ministry of Education where he was responsible for both Middle and High Schools, as the Leadership Coordinator.

Before graduating in teaching from Cambridge University, Dr. Meekin trained and practiced as a lawyer then changed his career to education. He taught in London, for some years before he moved into key international educational leadership roles.  To date Meekin has lead educational projects all over the world including leading in schools in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and Asia.

Teaching Faculty
The teaching faculty at Trio World School are the very best that are available both locally and internationally. We bring to our school the highly qualified and motivated staff that you see pictured below. We are justifiably proud of our teachers.
Paul Francis Meekin
Paul Francis Meekin
Susan Elaine Carver
Year 5
Phillip Reid
Year 7 & Head of Maths
Suparna Chattarji
Year 10 & History/Geography
Talia Nicholas
Talia Nicholas
Year 1
Hema Narayanan
Year 4
Daisy Susan
Year 13  & Psychology/Sociology
Mary Thomas
Business Studies & Economics
Lakshmi Priya
Basaveshwariah. K. S.
Vanessa Job
Kiran Prabhu
Information Technology / ICT
Pooja Gokul
Pooja Gokul
Rama Kumar
Information Technology / ICT
Isaac Behera
Rasheeda Banu
Olwin Veigas
special Education Needs
special Education Needs
Diana Bauer
Diana Bauer
German / English as Second Language
Christmas K
SEN Assistant
Diana Bauer
Amanda Jane Kirkham
Year 3
Isaac Behera
CIE Coordinator / English
Beena Sarada
Pratibha sharma
Bianca Brandt-Rousseau
Year 2
Bina Valsan
Diana Patricia Rivera Ramirez
Emma Jane Taylor
Year 3
Jonathon Charles Donnelly
Year 6 and Primary Coordinator
Justine Alex King
Katherine Ann Whittaker
Physical Education
Sonia Bedi
Susanne Jane Evershed
Head of Music
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