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சையது ஈசாக் 14 வயது மகளை செக்ஸ் விருந்தாக்கிட அண்ணனும் கற்பழிக்க- ஆயுள் தண்டனை

ஜூலை 6, 2011
Life term for rapist father,brother of 14-year-old girl 


New Delhi: The Supreme Courts judicial conscience on Tuesday was shocked by this repugnant incident a 14-year-old girl was repeatedly raped by her father and brother till her mother found her pregnant and lodged a complaint with police.
Now both the accused Syed Isaq and his son,who is the elder brother of the girl will cool their heels behind bars for life.
A bench comprising Justices P Sathasivam and B S Chauhan said the trial court was correct in awarding life sentence to father and son duo for their inhuman conduct.
On April 20,2005,the 14-year-old girl from Nalgonda lodged a police complaint alleging that her mother was working as a maid and used to leave her at grandmothers place before going to work.
She accused her father of taking her back to house from her grandmothers house and raping her under threat to life.
When she narrated the incident to her grandmother,the old lady supported the father.Emboldened,the father continued to assault the daughter.
Soon after,the elder brother also started the sexual assault on the girl taking her to his house on one pretext or the other.
Unable to bear the trauma any more,the victim turned to her mother who took her to the Government maternity hospital at Nalgonda Cross Road.
The doctors confirmed the pregnancy and the mother took her to the police station to lodge a case against her husband and son for sexually assaulting her daughter continuously for five consecutive months.
On July 28,2006,Hyderabad Mahila Court convicted the father and son duo for rape under Section 376 and taking the depravity of the accused into account,awarded them life sentence.The Andhra Pradesh high court on April 28 last year dismissed their appeals.



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  1. சையது ஈசாக் 14 வயது மகளை செக்ஸ் விருந்தாக்கிட அண்ணனும் கற்பழிக்க- ஆயுள் தண்டனை

    வாத்தியாரே இப்படி வாக்கியத்தை பிச்சு பிச்சு எழுதினா எப்படி புரிஞ்சுக்கிறது….

    தமிழை கொஞ்சம் கருணையோடு அனுகுங்கள் தலைவரே!….

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