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ஓகஸ்ட் 28, 2010

Pastor, 4 others held in fake note racket
28 Aug 2010 08:36:00 AM IST
HYDERABAD: A church pastor involved in printing and circulating counterfeit currency was arrested in the outskirts of Hyderabad on Friday, along with four associates.
Fake notes worth more than Rs 60,000 have been recovered from them. Police said the pastor was preparing counterfeit currency in Rs 100 and Rs 50 notes from the church premises.
According to police, all five involved in counterfeiting were friends who had made losses in real estate business. The pastor, 34-year-old Bonala Sudarshan Rao runs a church at a rented premises in Mallikarjun Nagar on the Nagarjuna Sagar ring road. The other accused are N Tulcha alias Tulsi Ram of Jillelaguda, K Bikshapathi and K Ramesh of Falaknuma and Ch Venkatesh of Mahabubnagar district.
“He earlier used to run a church on his own land at Bhupen Nagar in Ranga Reddy district. He entered into the real estate business along with four others, who used to visit the church, but suffered losses,” Falakuma police inspector S Mohan Reddy said. After failing in the business, Sudarshan Rao sold away his land and he started to run the church at Mallikarjun Nagar. He was however unable to sustain it. It was at this time when he came across two persons who had knowledge of preparing fake notes and explained the process to Sudarshan Rao.
“With losses in business, the pastor readily agreed to prepare and circulate counterfeit notes. The accused made a trial run of preparing notes which was successful,” the inspector said.
“They knew the general public or shopkeepers would be cautious while accepting Rs 500 notes. To avoid being caught, they prepared fake notes of Rs 100 and Rs 50,” Mohan Reddy said.
Based on information, police nabbed Bikshapathi and Ramesh at Engine Bowli on Thursday night, when they were circulating fake Rs 100 notes and seized Rs 100 notes worth Rs 10,000. On questioning, the duo told police the source of fake notes, following which the pastor and two others were also nabbed. Police found the printing machinery and other equipment in the church and also Rs 60,650 of fake currency.

Pastor accused of running fake currency racket

HYDERABAD: A church pastor and four of his associates, accused of operating a fake currency racket, were arrested by the Falaknuma police on Friday.

Pastor B. Sudarshan Rao, the kingpin, hired N. Tulcha, K. Bikshapathi, K. Ramesh and Ch. Venkatesh, to make fake notes using printing equipment at his place in Saroornagar. They stocked the fake notes and two of them went to Engine Bowli to circulate them but were caught by the locals and handed over to the police.

Based on their confession, the police raided Rao’s house and seized fake currency having face value of Rs. 60,650 in the denomination of Rs. 100 and Rs. 50 denomination.


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