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சமைக்கும் பெண், சபல பாதிரி, சங்கடம்…!

ஜூன் 21, 2010

மார்ச் 16, 2010


Church head in a fix over affair with cook

Bangalore: It is not just the summer that is getting unusually hot in Bangalore, the behind-the-doors sex scandals too are getting steamier and hotter. Close on the heels of the sordid Swami Nityananda, a priest in Bangalore has found himself in a spot for ordering sex from a cook – something like what Tiger Woods did when he ordered a `plate-full’ of hot and spicy sex from a waitress in the US.

The priest, Arokya Das, heads the St Peter and Paul Church in a posh locality of Bangalore. Reports said that the priest had been having a sexual relationship with the cook in the church. While this has been going on for quite some time, church-goers warned the priest to focus on the work of God and not that of the cook. But Das obviously had his own preferences and continued the relationship with the cook.

When things started to spill out into the open, three youngsters thought of teaching the father a lesson. According to the police, soon after the Sunday mass, the three youngsters, identified as Johnson, Anto and Jaikodi, tried to assault the father in full public view.

A shaken father managed to escape and dialled the police. But the three youths prevented the police from entering the church saying that they wanted to give the father a lesson or two in morality. The police had to call in for additional help as things started slipping out of control. Later, the three were arrested.

The police had a word with Father Das and asked him to send the cook away in order to prevent further violence.

Soon after the arrest, hundreds of church-goers surrounded the church and wanted to know why the three youngsters were arrested and not Father Das. The police had to summon the president of the Karnataka Tamil Catholic People’s Voice, John Kennedy.

Kennedy admitted that Father Das had been having an affair with the cook and despite warnings, he had continued to maintain a clandestine relationship.

Later in the evening, Vicar General Father S Jayanathan visited the church and held a meeting. He assured the agitated crowd that action would be taken.

There was no word from Father Das or the cook. – செய்தி

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